More than just Volocio out here…

Volocio Trilogy

This is one of my many ongoing projects. This is one half of a larger opus. I actually started writing The Rebirth Trilogy first but then decided that my world was big and complicated that I should go back and build it from scratch as well as explore the origins of my heroes in the latter half.

If you click on each of the links, they should take you to a small sample of each work (links to be made available soon).

Please note that these are still works in process so they may not have been fine tuned.

Book 1: Book of Tas’und’eash

Set on Earth almost one hundred years after massive nuclear fallout, the descendants of the humans left behind have discovered a new threat in the wasteland that is there home. What’s more, the elements suddenly appear to bending to their will. This is the origin story of the planet Tas’und’eash and the race of beings who will later be known as the Volocio.

Book 2: Book of Rebirth

A Thousand generations have come and gone since the events of Book of Tas’und’eash, but the people and names have not been forgotten. Yessica Walt, Queen of Munda, is troubled not only by her husband’s infidelity but of these strange dreams of a jungle of skyscrapers and of a man whose face she can’t see but still desires. Felix Roya is a soldier fighting in a war between the Lightning Volocio and Illusion Volocio who is also plagued by dreams of a woman named Saskia. Reaper Cesar Duque has returned from Hamastagan to find the world greatly changed. His quest is to reunite two lovers who were separated by death many lifetimes before.

Book 3: Book of M

Manden Walt and Micaela Roya begin as adversaries, battling over the planet that is believed to be Earth – the birthplace of all Volocio. The children of Yessica and Felix respectively are then captured by an even bigger fish – the Tears of God. Enemies then turn into fast friends as they cling to each other for survival against what the Volocio believed to be a myth. Instead, these long lost brethren of the Volocio thrived and the mutual discovery of both cultures proves to be a shock. The events of this novel does not end here but roll into the next half of this space opera: The Rebirth Trilogy.

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